I was born and bred in Lyon (France) and came to the UK to study photography where I graduated from the University of Derby.

My work mainly revolves around portraiture with assignments ranging from commercial to fashion editorials, backstage photography to private commissions. I favour the candid over the contrived, and mostly work with natural light. Taking pictures affords me the opportunity to satisfy an urge to reveal, remember, relate, exchange, project onto and inherently exercise a degree of continued introspection. 

My practice and current area of research are rooted in the notion of Otherness. Otherness affords a self-reflecting process which gives meaning to the world and one’s self/identity. As a photographer, I am interested in capturing liminal images, idle moments stripped from any stereotypes or assumptions and prejudices; tapping into a collective memory where the notion that we are all similar emotional beings before social constructs, resonates. I am curious about the way that we often cruise through life relying on precepts that at times are hindering and restricting our appreciation of the Other. Semiotics are of particular interest in how this offers scope to create challenging visual discourses questioning identity, perception and the representation of the self and of the body.



BA (hons) Photographic Studies, University of Derby

MA Fashion Photography, London College of Fashion


i-D magazine, Vice magazine, Vogue Italia, King Kong magazine, Sicky magazine, Boys by Girls magazine, Volt magazine, Nataal magazine.


YKK Showroom | Extra/Ordinary Rituals | 23 July – 10 September 2018

IPF: Independent Photography Festival 2017 | May 2017, House of Vans, London

Uncertain States Annual 2015 | 5 – 25 November 2015, Mile End Pavillion

The photocopy club | 12 – 14 April 2014, Urban Spree, Berlin

Playtime Paris 2014 | Portraits Opalescents, 25 - 27 January 2014, Parc Floral De Vincennes, Paris

Hipstamatics, An Exhibition for Hipstamatics | 13 - 31 January 2011, Orange Dot Gallery, London


Procter & Gamble Better Lives Postgraduate Awards | 2018

Palazzo Monti Artist Residency | 2018